Barbershop Terminology Explained

Have you ever walked into a barber shop and tried to articulate the hair style that you want to your barber? Or wondered how to explain the hair style you saw on your friend or that celebrity in GQ Magazine? We have all been there sweating and mumbling with no understanding of how to communicate our desires. Well, mumble no more, here is a list of barber shop terminology to impress your barber with. 

Clipper Cut

Same number of clipper guard all over.


Longer clipper guard on top getting shorter down the sides fading into the skin.


Hair is cut at different lengths creating lift and a choppy finish.


Using the razor to reduces the bulk from hair whilst keeping the length.

Thinned Out

Reducing the bulk using different techniques with the scissors.


Hair is cut very short underneath with the top left longer creating an over hang.

Short Back and Sides

Back and sides clippered short with the top left longer.


Both sides of hair different lengths though usually connected.

Square Neck

Not recommended as this grows out very quickly and does not flow into the neck hair.

Tapered Neck

Hair line is faded into the neck line allowing the hair to keep its shape this is a natural finish.


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