Tame that beard

GRB_SliderImage_PerefctBeard Proper care of a beard is something largely neglected in the lives of men’s grooming. Although the beard may have a certain appeal whilst looking unkempt, a straggly beard doesn’t. Here are a few simple steps for taking care of your beard and, hopefully, keep you looking a little more like a modern man and a little less like a Neanderthal. Steps 1. It is important to have a style in mind before you begin to trim your beard to the length that you desire. Decide if you have areas that you want to shave, e.g. cheeks and neck. Remember that your beard is a great way to disguise a weak chin or it can give you that chiselled jaw you have always wanted. It is helpful to trim with a comb and a pair of clippers with attachments. Always begin with longer attachments to find desired length and go in multiple directions to make sure you’ve gotten all those stray hairs. Make sure you comb your beard down so that the hair line you shave is consistent. Trim up the boundaries to the point that your beard frames your face well. Always look to box out your face this keeps it looking masculine. 2. Even though you are growing a beard, not all men can pull off the “Neck-Beard” look. Being completely unshaven, untrimmed, and unwashed is one look. Being completely shaved, trimmed, and washed is another completely different look. In between these two, just looks lazy. So look to shave the areas around the neck and cheeks with a sharp blade and always shave in the direction the bristle grows. 3. Keep it clean. Wash your face and beard thoroughly with soap or face wash every morning and night. You don’t need anything too strong, just something to cut through the oils that have built up during the day. Make sure you also dry your face thoroughly. Have a clean towel and get as much of the water rung out of that mane as possible. 4. When your face is dry, apply a moisturiser to the freshly shaven areas. This in turn will help close the pores and put moisture back into the area shaved. 5. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your hands and work it slowly into the beard then comb it through. This will condition the beard and stop the ends from breaking and encourage stronger growth. A good beard oil gives weight to the beard which makes it sit closer to the face. There are a lot of great beard oils like Moroccan oil or Milkman which have masculine smells of cedar, juniper and bergamot. 6. If you’re after a more groomed look, moustache wax is especially helpful for men who want to keep their mo’s long and out of their drink. A small bit of wax will keep that hair going in the right direction and add shape to that mo. 7. Maintain your beard. Repeat all of these steps as necessary, but make steps three, four and five a part of your daily routine.

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