Meet Your Local… Barman

GRB_ArticleImage_MYL_LockyLocky from Forresters Hotel

336 Riley Street, Surry Hills
9212 3035

Describe your business.
It’s a traditional pub with a very relaxed laid back vibe. We serve American style pub food with kick ass pizza and also have a Jamaican restaurant on level one. We do cold beer, cocktails and live music and deejays and its all about having fun and good times.

Favourite thing about your job?
Having a front bar as an office, my staff, my customers. Beer.

How long have you been in the area?
4 years now 2 here and 2 at the Norfolk Hotel in Redfern down the road, also part of our group.

What makes your business unique?
We don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s a really user-friendly layout and multi functional building. There are lots of levels and nooks and cranny’s. And our cheeseburger. Its so freakin’ good.

What’s your Surry Hills secret?
Sticky Bar still does it for me tucked away, probably not much of a secret but you need to know its there. It helps to know the doorman. Strong cocktails and a dude on the guitar.

Describe the perfect Surry Hills weekend.
Saturday, Breakfast at Rueben Hills, swim at the Albert Park pool, beers in the Forresters Beer-garden Dinner at Toko, followed by cocktails at Sticky, Low 302, putting the nails in the coffin with tequila at Tios . Sunday hangover cure – Spanish breakfast at the Carrington Hotel, followed by more beers at the Forresters, getting a trim at Grand Royal Barbers and then coffee and fresh produce from Joe the grocer and cooking dinner and chilling in our terrace back yard with my lady and a glass of Rose, pulling the cats tail.

What do you like about Grand Royal Barbers?
Cool relaxed space, mega nice dudes and dudettes, cheap and cheerful service. They remember your name!! Nice bright spot and I’m across the road.

Describe your style.
Super short on the sides and riding a little too high, sometimes a line cut in sometimes not. James Dean top fading towards the back and blending with sides. Mohawk Dean.

Wet shave or electric?

Shoes or thongs?

Your favourite city?
Home sweet home.

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